To carry out the main operational functions and ToR assignments of the EU PPF Programme, EUDEL, MEI and CFCU contracted a dedicated EU PPF team, which comprises of the following units:

  1. EU PPF 6 Unit
  2. EU PPF 7 Unit
  3. EU PPF 8 Unit

The main objective of the EU PPF Units is to provide full administrative, operational, logistical and technical support to the Contracting Authorities (EUDEL and CFCU) and Main Beneficiary (MEI), as well as to the Line Ministries and other Project Stakeholders, all in accordance with the Project Activities which are described in ToRs for each separate PPF project.

Three PPF projects (jointly named as EU PPF) are currently ongoing:

EU PPF6  –  EU Project Preparation Facility – Project Preparation of Investment projects / (IPA 2013) / Service Contract Number is: 48-00-145/2014/28/ EuropeAid/135637/IH/SER/RS

This Project is implemented by the consortium of Louis BergerGIZ, Louis Berger d.o.o and subcontractor EPCCO.

EU PPF7 – Project Preparation Facility / Support to IPA Programming, Trainings and Project Preparation (IPA 2013) / Service Contract Number: 48-00-00204/2014 28/EuropeAid/137119/IH/SER/RS

This project is implemented by the consortium led by GIZ (International Services – InS) in partnership with Louis Berger, Louis Berger doo and EPCCO.

EU PPF8 – EU Project Preparation Facility / (IPA 2014) / Service Contract Number (CRIS)2016/381-052/ EuropeAid/137044/DH/SER/RS

This project is implemented by the consortium of Louis BergerGIZStantec, Louis Berger doo and EPCCO.

Ministry of European Integration


Sanja Babić

Senior Communication and Visibility Expert EU PPF